We’re ditching Black Friday to bring you ‘Give Back Friday’

Give back is the new black.

No one wants to get lost in the crowd. Especially when that crowd is in a hungry Black Friday discount frenzy. So this year we wanted to do something different.

This Friday, we’re giving our customers the chance to give back to the thousands of awesome professionals on the Handy platform who work so hard to care for their homes. If you make a booking on Friday, November 25, your pro will get a 50% extra covered by Handy.

The cost of the service is exactly the same. Instead of giving you a Black Friday discount, we’re letting you pass it onto your pro.

The pros who care for our customers’ homes do a fantastic job all year round. So let’s take a day to give them a deal: instead of knocking prices down, let’s lift people up!

We hope you’ll take part.



Meet some of the amazing professionals on the Handy platform:


Ashlee’s 27, a mom of two, from Phoenix, Arizona.

She joined the Handy platform in 2015 as a perfect way to help support her family with flexible work that let her spend time with her husband and daughters.

She’s always enjoyed cleaning, and loves to put her customers’ homes in order to help them with their own daily lives.

Her top tips for doing an awesome job is finding out each customer’s person preferences. “Always ask your customer what’s important to them. Some people would rather you made the bed perfectly rather than clean the inside of the fridge.”


Zuria is 21 originally from Baltimore, Maryland.

She moved to New York with her family when she was a teenager and joined the Handy platform in January 2016. She loves organizing her customer’s homes and getting their delighted feedback on the app after she’s cleaned.

She loves fashion and says, “I always take a long time to get dressed in the morning. My mom’s always hassling me about it, but I love choosing outfits, so I have to leave time to dress!”

Her top tip for doing a great job for her customers is great time management. “I always make sure I’m early to each job so I know I have time to run through everything with my customer first – that way I know I’m going to clean things exactly the way they want it”.

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