Share your home with a ghost!

Get ready for a spooky surprise this Halloween! Starting today, you can request your cleaner to deliver a (potentially possessed) plant, straight from the haunted grounds of Dr. Best House & Medical Museum in Middleburgh, NY.

Download the Handy app and click here for the chance to get a ‘potted poltergeist’ delivered straight to your door. Who knows? You might get the chance to spend the evening with Dr. Christopher Suits Best himself.

Warning: You may be sharing your home with one of the following spirits:



Dr. Christopher Suits Best

The spirit of Dr. Best himself might very well hitch a ride on your haunted plant. He’s been known to haunt his home surgery clinic, where he operated on Middleburgh residents.

Ursula Best

Dr. Best’s second wife, Ursula, is known to haunt the halls of the Best House. She typically carries a basket with clipped flowers from the yard. Want to meet her? Put in a request for flowers and maybe she’ll jump onboard with your special delivery.

Emma Best

Start hearing piano music playing in your home? You might be hosting Dr. Best’s daughter, Emma. Born in the house in 1900, she was an avid piano player and taught lessons in the house until her death in 1982.

James Best

You may have to play babysitter to Dr. Best’s son, James. The young boy suffered a tragic early death and his voice and cries are often heard calling out around the property. However, his restless spirit does seem pretty tied to the house and grounds, so he may only hitch a ride with your plant if you’re lucky.

About the House

Dr. Best House & Museum served as both the medical office and family home of Dr. Christopher Best and is located in the remote village of Middleburg, NY. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places, and a key part of the Haunted History Trail of New York State.

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