New Yorkers Say: Flexible Economy Companies Empower Workers


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New Yorkers are standing with the flexible economy, according to a new poll commissioned by Handy. The poll, conducted by Global Strategy Group, reveals that public opinion is clear: the flexible economy is good for workers, good for consumers and good for New York.

The poll also found that New Yorkers believe that the positive contributions of flexible economy businesses should be recognized, with a majority of respondents wanting the state government to focus on growing technology jobs. An overwhelming number of voters (88%) believe the government should focus on growing and supporting New York based technology companies, like Handy.

“Not only are platforms like ours creating new ways for consumers to obtain the services they need, they’re creating new opportunities for people to supply these services and to make money,” said Oisin Hanrahan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Handy. “It is clear the public sees the value in growing technology jobs and supporting flexible economy platforms, the government should follow this lead. Technology is not a great disruptor; it is a great creator.”

Oisin continued, “The way people work today is different, with millions of Americans wanting the flexibility to design their own careers or job choices. Platforms like Handy are an important – and growing – part of giving workers access to the flexibility they need. This isn’t the “on-demand” economy – it’s the flexible economy.”

Oisin concluded, “The flexible economy needs a new, flexible approach to providing workers with the benefits they need. That’s why we are calling the development of a portable benefits vehicle that would provide New York’s flexible economy workers with the opportunity to access worker protections and benefits.”

Other key findings include:

  • New York voters believe that flexible economy companies have a positive impact on the state: A majority of New York voters believe that flexible economy companies have a positive impact on both consumers (72%) and the economy (63%).NY Poll_Positive Impact_FB&Twitter
  • Voters believe that individuals have a right to choose to work as independent contractors: Three out of five voters agree (59%) that workers should have the right to choose to be independent contractors.
  • Voters strongly support access to portable benefits for flexible economy workers: A majority of voters (72%) would support Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislator changing the law to enable independent contractors to have access to benefits like worker’s compensation, disability and health insurance.NY Poll_Benefits_Insta
  • New York voters believe New York should focus on growing technology companies: Nine out of 10 of New Yorkers (88%) agree that New York should focus on growing New York based technology companies, with 64% strongly agreeing. Three out of four voters (77%) believe the government should provide clear laws for companies to follow, and if the law is unclear, companies should not be penalized.
  • Two out of five New York voters are personally connected to a flexible economy company: Among those connected to a flexible economy company, three out of five (63%) believe workers should have a choice in their employment status and believe compensation for independent contractors is fair (60%).

Global Strategy Group conducted the survey on March 1-3, 2016 with 800 voters in New York State.

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