What we learned from America’s longest married couple

Home is where the heart is.

Here at Handy, from cleaning professionals to handyman services, we’re all about caring for your home. And everyone knows, home is where the heart is.

So, as part of the Handy #LongestLove campaign, we invited America’s longest married couple, John and Ann Betar, to answer questions on our Twitter feed about love, relationships and a lifetime spent together.

John and Ann, who have been married for 83 years, met in 1932 when John drove Ann to her High School in their home town of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ann’s father was determined she would marry another man, so on 25th November, 1932, at the ages of 21 and 17, the couple eloped to Harrison, New York, and were married the very same day.

We were absolutely blown away by the response we received to the campaign. Hundreds of people tweeted in their questions. Here’s some of things you asked, and some wonderful responses from John and Ann:



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