How does home matter to America?

Would you date someone with a dirty home? Do New Yorkers care more about their homes than Californians?

To celebrate reaching 2 million bookings on the Handy platform we conducted a survey in association with UC Berkeley research specialist, Lindsay Graham PhD, to explore the way home and it’s many meanings matter to America. Click below to explore the report, or take a glance at some of our key findings.

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Love & Dating

How much does your home affect your love life?

In our section on Love & Dating we asked thousands of people across the country questions about love and the home. Among them we asked:

  • Would you date someone with a messy home?
  • What messy home habits would put you off dating someone?
  • Men vs. Women: which off-putting home habits divide the genders?

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First Impressions

Do first impressions of our homes matter?

In our section on First Impressions we asked whether we form opions of each other from our homes, and how our behavior affects the way we’d like to be seen by others. Among the questions we asked:

  • Do you care what other people think of your home?
  • Do you hide some things when guests visit your home and display others?
  • Which U.S. state is most concerned what people think?


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Home Values

What does home mean to you?

In our section on Home Values, we asked people which three words they most associate with home, and to tell us in their own words, what home means to them.

Watch the video and find out what people told us.

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