Handy Introduces Pro Teams, Single Biggest Change to Platform

Customers Can Now Build Customized Team of Cleaning Professionals and Handymen, Moving Handy Platform to a More Personalized Experience

Four years ago, we started working on an idea: building a platform that seamlessly delivers every service to every home.

And today, we’ve completed the single biggest change we’ve ever made to Handy, releasing a feature that allows our customers to build a personal network within our platform. We call it Pro Teams.

How did we get here?

We built Handy to be incredibly flexible for everyone who uses it, and to date, we’ve activated tens of thousands of professionals on the platform and served well over half a million customers. By having the biggest network of cleaners and handymen, we are able to provide customers with access to a professional whenever they want one. But sometimes, having the most flexible platform possible meant we couldn’t always deliver the same degree of personalization. Until now.

With Pro Teams (now available in the Handy app), Handy is bringing together the best of both worlds: the ability for users to build consistent, familiar and trusted relationships with the people helping them in their homes, without losing the convenience, ease and technology they have always turned to Handy for. The introduction of Pro Teams allows us not only to provide our customers access to an amazing professional – but to provide them with access to their own curated network of professionals.

Oisin Hanrahan, Co-Founder and CEO of Handy, said, “After four years and over two million bookings, we are thrilled to build on this success and strengthen the relationship between customers and professionals, the very thing at the heart of our platform. With Pro Teams, the Handy platform works even better for customers, and at the same time, delivers even more of the flexibility and stability professionals have come to expect from Handy. As we bring together customization and technology-enabled convenience into a single experience, we are well on our way to seamlessly delivering every service to every home.”

How do Pro Teams work?

For customers, they will be able to use Pro Teams to build a customized team of cleaning professionals and handymen they already know, like and have received a great service from. This means that when customers book a service through the Handy platform, we will work to ensure that their favorite professional shows up at their door. It also means a better experience for customers and more continuity in the home services they receive. Customers will have the same flexibility, convenience, and seamless 60-second booking process they have always turned to Handy for.

For professionals who like going back to the same customers, Pro Teams allow them to create stronger, more personal and longer-lasting relationships with a broader network of customers. Professionals can also use the feature to get to know the unique preferences of customers and deliver a 5-star experience every time.


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