Handy Expands Service Offerings into Full-Service Home Storage

Handy is expanding our offerings to include storage for users in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Our new offering will harness the power of their platform and technology to upend the way traditional home storage is done by introducing a new, highly efficient logistical network of moving professionals that will pick up, move and store user’s items for a flat monthly rate.

With one in every 10 Americans using storage services, the $30 billion market still remains ripe for disruption. Current storage options fall flat: over 90% of self-storage facilities are filled, and users have to move themselves into storage and pay for the whole space regardless of what they use.  Handy Storage replaces the need for a car and includes moving professionals who will pick up and drop off user’s items at a fair, guaranteed rate.

“At Handy, we’re building a better way for people to buy and sell home services – we want to deliver every service to every home”, said Oisin Hanrahan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Handy. “From our success in cleaning, we have learned firsthand what users want, what they expect from the people they let into their homes, and the logistics required to make the experience easy and affordable. We’re constantly thinking of ways we can bring every service to every home, and we believe consumers are ready for a more efficient way to store their items and create space around their home.”

Handy started offering cleaning services four years ago because the way people receive and provide home services was broken. Storage is a natural extension of the Handy platform, and like cleaning, represents a large market, with a broken system, and strong demand for a more efficient alternative and better experience. After more than two million bookings, the platform has built a strong platform to launch new services with a loyal base of repeat customers and access to hundreds of thousands of homes.

Handy is offering storage to users in all of Manhattan for as little as $49 a month. Like other Handy services, Handy Storage is full-service storage, on-demand:

  • Full-service: Once customers arrange a pick-up time online or through the Handy app, Handy movers will show up, pack, and move items to Handy’s facility
  • Store everything: Handy will store everything from furniture to clothes to skis to air conditioners – all for the same affordable monthly cost.
  • Catalogue: All stored items are photographed and catalogued so that customers can see what’s in storage
  • On-demand: Customers get their items picked up and delivered on-demand whenever and as often as they want.

For more information about Handy Storage click here.


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