Get #CleanEnergy for your (clean) home!

At Handy, we’re always looking out for you and your home. 

But while we can sweep the floors and banish the dust mites, we can’t help you clean up your energy usage.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Arcadia Power to give you a clean home energy choice. When you sign up for their program, Arcadia will match the energy usage on your existing utility bill with clean, renewable energy from wind farms. The best part? It’s free to use their service and oh so easy to set up.

To celebrate this partnership, we’re offering a special treat for US Handy Customers. When you schedule your next Handy cleaning AND register for Arcadia Power before December 31st, you’ll get:

  • $25 off your Handy cleaning (make sure to use the link below!)
  • 4 energy-saving light bulbs, courtesy of Arcadia Power

Once you’ve made your booking with Handy, watch your email for next steps from Arcadia. Who’d have thought that having such a clean home would be so easy?

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