Fix #DadsDIYDisasters for Father’s Day!

Every Dad is overzealous from time to time.

The sink’s leaking again? Can’t seem to assemble the brand new office furniture? Don’t worry, Dads’ got it (or so he thinks). What you assumed would be a quick fix ends up being a complete disaster.

So, in the run up to Father’s Day this year, we polled our Twitter followers to hear their stories about the worst Dad DIY disasters they’ve experienced!  Here’s a few of our favorites below.

Oh, and if you’ve got a Dad who’s a disaster with DIY, how about getting him a Handy handyman professional as a father’s Day gift to help him out – just a thought!

@DinaJ: “My dad decided that he’d try to fix his car one day. He did something with the carburetor and a fire started! Flames engulfed our garage and we all had to run to the street to wait for fire trucks to arrive. Somehow, the firefighters got lost even though the fire department was less than a mile away. Thankfully, they put it out before the fire damaged the rest of our house. The smoke did get into the house, so we couldn’t stay there for a few days. It was a pretty big disaster, but thankfully we were all ok!”

@Grumpy1970: “My dad “fixed” my shower, but what we didn’t know was that he caused a water leak into the kitchen light fixture below. The light fixture then came crashing down at 2am and damaged our Pergo flooring!”

@ILonaB1980: “My husband once was trying to fix an electrical outlet and ended up frying a few devices because he FAILED to have them plugged into a power strip.”

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