Celebrating Valentine’s with America’s Longest Married Couple!

Want to know the secret to a long and happy relationship? We know just who to ask…

To celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day this weekend, we’ve invited America’s longest married couple, John and Ann Betar, to connect with Handy followers on Twitter, to answer their questions and share their wisdom with aspiring lovebirds across the country!

John and Ann, who have been married for 83 years, met in 1932 when John drove Ann to her High School in their home town of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ann’s father was determined she would marry another man, so on 25th November, 1932, at the ages of 21 and 17, the couple eloped to Harrison, New York, and were married the very same day.

John and Ann raised five children (four girls and one boy) in Fairfield, Connecticut. In February 2014 they were pronounced the ‘longest married coupe in the United States’ by The WorldWide Marriage Encounter, and they remain to this day, happily married and still living in the small town where they raised their family.

To ask the couple any questions about life, love and relationships, just tweet @Handy any time between now and Saturday 13th February, using the hashtag #LongestLove. On Valentine’s Day itself, their answers will be tweeted from the @Handy Twitter account on their behalf, helping lovebirds across the country figure out the secrets to long lasting love!

John and Ann, still together in 2016

John and Ann, still happily married, in 2016

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