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Meet Desi, 33, mom and full time cleaning professional. Before becoming a cleaner, Desi worked as an administrator in her local school. While she enjoyed the work, she found the office hours and…

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Meet Shavar, one of our subway stars! Do you ride the subway in New York? If so, you might have spotted Shavar in our latest ad campaign. The ads feature some…

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What does home mean to you? Home matters to us all in different ways. So in February this year, we commissioned UC Berkeley researcher, Lindsay Graham PhD, to help us…

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In this latest episode of Handy’s How To series, learn how to hang a frame! Doesn’t matter if you’re hanging that sweet concert poster from that show you went to…

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Here at Handy we really believe in celebrating the professionals who use our platform, and few stand out more than Maribel. This is her heart-warming story of how working as a cleaning professional…

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