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Handy brings holiday spirit to the streets and raises money for Crisis charity. Nothing says Christmas like carolers! So as a special holiday treat from Handy, for one day only, we’re inviting…

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YES! It’s that time of year again folks: holiday party season! Here at Handy HQ we do a serious number on December, and we reckon we know a thing or…

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No more struggling through the streets for busy New Yorkers this holiday season. Come on, New York. Don’t be that person hauling a heavy fir through the subways and up to…

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Show the cranberry sauce who’s boss this year Yes, that time of year is rolling around again; that delicious state of chaos when the family descends, the turkey starts browning,…

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We’re excited to release the latest improvement to the Handy platform: cashless tipping! This feature makes the service experience easier and more seamless than ever before. Plus, you can skip…

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In this latest episode of Handy’s How To series, learn how to hang a frame! Doesn’t matter if you’re hanging that sweet concert poster from that show you went to…

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